What causes of occuring erection in the plane

An airplane boner is an erection that occurs during the take-off and landing of the plane. Why is this happening? What to do with such a sudden reaction? And how do pilots who spend most of their lives at altitude cope with this?

Take-off and landing of the plane for most passengers are not the most pleasant moments – almost everyone complains about aerosinusitis (short-term laying of ears). Also, men have another feature. When you set the height and approach to the landing, there is an erection.

Sex in any of its aspects is very popular in medical publications and TV programs about health. But for some reason, the topic of aerobic scan is not often discussed. Therefore, many non-flying and ladies learned about the existence of this phenomenon recently, from the performance of comedians. “Every time the captain says, “We’re going down, I’m going for a promotion. I think he’s going to lift my dick with his lever. That’s why I like to sit by the window. Because if I sit down on edge, it’s a fiasco,” the humorist described his situation in one of the standUp issues.

The physiology of aero erections

Scientists attribute aero erection to the sight of spontaneous erections, that is, arising without the participation of consciousness. Spontaneous enlargement of the penis is often found in men in their sleep or under the influence of any vibrations.

When does masturbation cease to be normal?

As for the rise of the tone of the genitalia in the aircraft, everything is explained by the impact of the change in pressure. Its drop-offs during take-off and landing contribute to blood flow to the lower part of the body, including the pelvic organs. This effect is built on the action of the pump to increase the volume of the penis. Of course, erection can also occur as a result of the use of tablets to increase potency. If you’ve ever bought Viagra online at VIAglad, you know what you’re talking about.

The device is associated with the effect of negative pressure. In some pathologies, atmospheric pressure and gravity do not allow to fully crack the vessels and fill the penis with blood. The pump creates negative pressure – a small vacuum in which the organ increases in volume, blood flow is provided

The interlocutor added that spontaneous erections in the plane are mainly in those who rarely fly. Regular passengers and pilots do not experience this, as the body has long adapted to decompression, and the tone of the vessels quickly comes back to normal. 

What to do about it?

According to doctors, there is nothing dangerous for the intimate health of a man in spontaneous erections. This is not a topic that needs to be addressed to medics. For those who are confused by this situation, experts have given some advice.

“You have to get on the plane in loose clothes. Not only for the prevention of spontaneous erections but in principle for the blood in the body to circulate well. This is especially important for hypertensive patients. In the end, it’s just convenient,” recommended the urologist.

Sturgeon added that if there is an aero-erection do not need to dwell on this, and just switch thoughts to something else. Medical correction “height set” does not require.